Paul Manata vs Derek Sansone - Does The Christian God Exist?

Paul Manata is quite possibly my favorite debater of all time. He is probably the best pressupositionalist i've heard. He has not lost a single debate I have listened to, including the following one which I have been lucky enough to find was quite a recent upload from last year (only 3 debates of his appear to be available on YouTube altogether):

As you can see this "Atheist", was probably not qualified to step in the room with Paul, this was a complete burial.

Is Intelligent Design Viable? William Lane Craig vs Francisco J. Ayala

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, United States -- November 5, 2009

Dr. William Lane Craig defends the viability of the often misunderstood and controversial theory of intelligent design from evolutionist and ardent ID critic, but a Christian himself: Dr. Francisco J. Ayala. An Atheist Bradley Monton (who wrote a book defending Intelligent Design) is the moderator. Here is a video of him defending Intelligent Design.

Preliminary Comments:

I've decided to post the below version of this debate in video clips. These parts have better quality sound and picture as to the other version of the entire debate where the picture is shrunk and the sound is slightly more inaudible.

Secondly, I found it hard to follow Dr. Franciso J. Ayala for several reasons. Firstly he not an experienced debater. I can tell he is experienced in lecturing rather than debating. His lecture in this debate presentation is not clear precise or succinct, you have to formalize his arguments for him (Is that our job or his?). His accent was difficult for me to understand, and unfortunately he doesn't address Craig's vital and essential points, here would be imperative to a victory. Hence I give the easy win to Craig. And because of that if you are lazy, I recommend just watching Craig's segments, if you can handle the bad audio, the accent and the non-linear Dr. Ayala, all the better for you: Watch the entire debate.

Third, I want to make known I officially accept Intelligent Design (including the Fine Tuning argument if we include this). Now while I accepted this position prior to hearing Craig, I have to admit, Craig has really enhanced this for me to the highest degree.

Forth, after  pondering this for a while, I think William Lane Craig is perhaps the best debater alive in our generation. Debating is an art form. The best debater (who may perhaps even have a false position) may win because of a debater's skill-set. Dr. Craig has clearly satisfied the conditions of an accomplished debater: Pathos, Ethos and Logos. In my books this places him in the ranks of Sam Shamoun, Anthony Rogers, Paul Manata and others. God has blessed us with a generation of exceptional debate artists with the added bonus of possessing the most honest and accurate world view. And with that said I give you the debate: